News - Round Robin Tests at IFSTTAR 12 – 23 of May 2014
ROSANNE - This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2008-2013) under grant agreement No 605368

Round Robin Tests at IFSTTAR 12 – 23 of May 2014


The main objective of ROSANNE is the harmonisation and standardisation of the measurement of skid resistance, noise emission and rolling resistance of road pavements. Concerning skid resistance characterisation, previous projects underlined the interest of having a common scale and the issues that should be addressed to reach this goal.

It was decided to organize round robin tests to assess the feasibility of the roadmap defined in TYROSAFE project. The chosen road consists of limiting the range and type of devices, including operating principle and condition. Two campaigns were planned: the first one to build a common scale and the second one to check its stability over time.

The first campaign of skid-resistance measurement was conducted from 12-23 May 2014 in Nantes (France). The test sites are Ifsttar test tracks and a circuit of 60 km in length around Ifsttar composed of trafficked road sections. The test program was divided into two parts: one week for devices measuring longitudinal friction coefficient and another week for devices measuring transversal friction coefficient., Tests were performed on two consecutive weeks to limit differences due to seasonal variations.

For each week, the test program is composed of three steps:

  • Calibration of devices.
  • Round robin tests on Ifsttar test tracks.
  • Round robin tests on trafficked roads.

Participating devices are:

  • for the first week: RoadSTAR (Austria), ADHERA (France), IMAG (France), Griptester (UK and France), ROAD (DK).
  • for the second week: SCRIMs (two from France and one from Slovenia), SKM (Germany) and Odoliograph (Belgium).

In parallel to the skid resistance round robin tests, texture measurements were performed by devices brought by BASt, BRRC, AIT, Ifsttar (and ERA12 Lyon) and ZAG:

  • Macrotexture (non-contact profilometer) following ISO EN 13473-1
  • Megatexture (non-contact profilometer) following ISO EN 13473-5
  • Static friction measurements
  • Static 3D texture measurements
  • Static 2D texture measurements (longitudinal and circular).


Please click here to see the full gallery from the Round Robin Tests taken at IFSTTAR


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