Work Package 3
ROSANNE - This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2008-2013) under grant agreement No 605368

Measurement methods for rolling resistance properties of road surfaces

The objective of this Work Package (WP) is to prepare for international and European standardisation of measurement methods for the representative and accurate characterisation of road surface rolling resistance properties. Based on the previous work in the MIRIAM project, the trailer method shall be further improved in order to qualify as a standard method. The work will explore various effects on rolling resistance which need to be controlled. The objective is also to analyse and compare the properties of available test equipment for rolling resistance.

The ultimate aim is to provide a draft for standardization of a procedure for harmonised rolling resistance classification of road surfaces across Europe, based on the available measurement methods. The work shall be performed in close cooperation with the CEN standardisation body and the MIRIAM project.

Work Package Leader:

DRD, Denmark