Work Package 4
ROSANNE - This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2008-2013) under grant agreement No 605368

Common issues: Texture influence, reference tyres and reference surfaces

his Work Package (WP) deals with measurement-related issues which are common to two or three of the functional properties (noise, wet skid resistance and rolling resistance) studied in this project. The objective of this WP is to study the relations between the road surface functional properties and the basic surface geometrical parameters; principally various forms and ranges of texture, including its variation across the road, as well as special processed texture values. Both existing and possibly more representative new measures shall be considered.

Based on these studies, the most suitable measures for standardisation or other practical use shall be proposed. One objective is also to study the performance of various reference tyres which will be used to measure the functional parameters in the other WPs to ascertain that they are reproducible, give representative performance and are stable over time. They shall also be described in a way suitable for standards. Of special interest here are tyres already intended for certain standard purposes, such as recent specifications by ASTM. A third objective is to provide the specification of a procedure in which measurements on a specified narrow range of road surfaces can be normalised to a virtual (ideal) reference surface; something which can be used for some simple and fast calibration of rolling resistance equipment but also reference surfaces for noise comparisons.

Coordination with activities in other WPs is essential. Liaison with work in ISOCEN and European Directives/Regulations or major EU projects, as well as considering progress in these, will be very important.

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